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Master Thesis: Characterization of surface defects caused by ultrasonic cleaning of metals i Linköping

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Cleaning processes using ultrasound are common today due to high cleaning efficiency. Ultrasonic soundwaves may however induce different types of damages or defects on materials if the wrong combination of chemistry, time and power is used. This master thesis aims to increase the knowledge of the impact of ultrasound on different materials. The aim is also to find a suitable process window for optimal cleaning while minimizing the risk of defects.

The project will involve both theoretical and practical parts, where the theoretical part consist of performing a literature study on the impact of ultrasound on metallic materials. Practical tests will also be performed, primarily to produce different defects for analysis. Advanced characterization techniques such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) can be used. Long term effects of ultrasonic cleaning are also of interest and could result in additional tests.

Last application date

2019-11-30, please note we work with onging selection.

Contacts at SAAB:

Christian Ulrich (Materials engineer), e-mail:

Tel. 0734-187918

Peter Norman (Technical Fellow Materials, Surface Treatment & Corrosion)

e-mail: Tel. 0734-185677

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