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Master Thesis: Programmable networking units using P4 i Göteborg

Programmable networking units using... Master thesis work at SAAB  Surveillance, Radar Engineering/X Innovation Lab...... Complex systems, like radars, consists of a growing number of sensors, computers and storage nodes...

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Programmable networking units using P4

Master thesis work at SAAB  Surveillance, Radar Engineering/X Innovation Lab 2020


Complex systems, like radars, consists of a growing number of sensors, computers and storage nodes that interact to deliver the desired functionality. As processing power and data storage increase, so does the need for low latency networking.  Currently, this is becoming a problem, since the network has to be designed with the greatest requirement of the system as a base case, meaning that we need to spend large sums of money on equipment that will mostly be close to idle.

With the advent of software defined networks (SDN) and the network programming language P4, this is about to change. It is now possible to create network solutions that dynamically change depending on the need of the system. It is also possible to shape asymmetric networks, so that parts of the network allows high bandwidth flows with low latency while other communication between the same nodes can use less prioritized flows.

Master thesis work Research questions

1.       How can SAAB use SDN and P4 to create modular and flexible network solutions in high performance radar systems?

2.       Is SDN and P4 secure enough to use in military grade systems?

3.       Does SDN and/or P4 introduce new security concerns into a system?


This master thesis work aims at investigating and creating a framework for using P4 to develop the future network architecture to be used in both ground based and airborne radar solutions.

The work

The work will be divided into three parts. The first is a study of the P4 language to find the current level of maturity and performance of the implementations that are available. The second will take the result from the first part to create a framework of rules, tools and implementations to create a dynamic and flexible network solution for a radar system. Finally, this framework is used to create a demo of what we could achieve in future systems.


The work is expected to deliver the following:

a)       An overview of current status if SDN and P4

b)      A basic framework of tools and applications (SW and HW) that can be used within SAAB to create high performance and secure networks

c)       A demo implementation of said framework

d)      Suggestions on how to proceed, either with further studies or industrialization of the work done

What you will be a part of

Saab är ett globalt försvars- och säkerhetsföretag verksamt inom flyg-, land- och
marinförsvar, civil säkerhet och kommersiell flygteknik. Vi är 14 700 medarbetare och har verksamhet på alla kontinenter. Tekniskt är vi ledande inom många områden och en femtedel av våra intäkter går till forskning och utveckling.

Saab är också ett möjligheternas företag. Ett företag där vi ser mångfald som en tillgång och där du som medarbetare får stort ansvar och goda utvecklingsmöjligheter. Men också ett företag som respekterar varje människas behov av ett liv utanför arbetet.

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