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15 hp – Programmatic generation of I/O model for full vehicle integration test i Sodertalje

Scania är en världsledande leverantör av transportlösningar. Tillsammans med våra partners och kunder driver vi omställningen till ett hållbart transportsystem. 2018 levererade vi 88 000 lastbilar, 8 500 bussar samt 12 800 industri- och marinmotorer till våra kunder. Nettoomsättningen uppgick till mer än 137 miljarder kronor, varav cirka 20 procent var tjänsterelaterade. Scania grundades 1891 och är idag verksamt i fler än 100 länder och har cirka 52 000 medarbetare. Forskning och utveckling är koncentrerad till Sverige, med filialer i Brasilien och Indien. Tillverkning sker i Europa, Latinamerika och Asien, med regionala produktionscentrum i Afrika, Asien och Eurasien. Scania är en del av TRATON SE. För mer information besök:

Om tjänsten

Scania genomgår nu en transformation från att vara en leverantör av lastbilar, bussar och motorer till en leverantör av kompletta och hållbara transportlösningar.

Scania is currently going through a major technology shift towards electrified and autonomous vehicles powered by digitalization. Our group deals with all of these technologies. Now, we require help in the form of two passionate and skilled bachelor thesis workers who want to help us and Scania in accelerating the progress in these key fields.

We are a team of model, hardware and software developers working closely together to create a Hardware In the Loop (HIL) lab for integration testing. We do this by taking control units that are used inside of actual vehicles and fit them electrically into our lab while tricking the control units using real-time simulation models that they are inside of an actual truck or bus. This allows us to create a test environment for Scania’s HIL integration testers. In this environment, tests can be performed more safely than in a real vehicle with full observability of every single electrical signal and protocol message and with perfect repeatability. All from the comfort of an office. Furthermore, the testers can write test scripts which they can run when they are not at work, for instance during the weekend, which provides full utilization of the lab and regression testing on a massive scale.

Since all software and electrical hardware changes need to be tested and verified in our lab, we get to see and work very closely with all of Scania’s systems. Everything from autonomous functions to electrified vehicles and gas engines are supported or are set to be supported in our lab. And for all of these technologies, the tool developed within the scope of this thesis will be used extensively.

The purpose of this thesis is to create a software tool which reads in electronic hardware specifications, for instance if a pin is analogue in or digital out, specified by a member of our team and automatically creates a Simulink-model based on this information.

Description of the assignment
You will be working mainly with the model development team. A large portion of our job concerns investigating new control units that are set to be introduced in the lab. For this, we need to understand the I/O of the control unit and create a I/O-model in Simulink. The creation of the I/O-model is something that we would like to automate. The long-term ambition is to have a GUI where we can enter and specify each pin, click a “create”-button and the I/O-model will be automatically generated according to our needs. The goal of this Bachelors Thesis is to automate the generation of the I/O-model. As this work is just beginning, you will lay the foundation for this automation program which will continue for quite some time and has the potential to be used across several groups in Scania. The probability of obtaining a summer job within the same project is quite high.

Bachelor of Science student in software, electrical or mechanical engineering. Knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink is advantageous.

Number of students: 2
Start date for the Thesis project: On agreement
Estimated timescale: 10 weeks full time. Can be dispersed over longer time depending on other courses that you may have.

Contact person and supervisor
Paula Härelind, Group Manager, +46855381554,
Nikita Tagner, Development Engineer, +46855372589,

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Kontor / Administration , Civilingenjör / Arkitekt, IT
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