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At Swiftcourt we enable people around the world to trade safely with each other anywhere and at any time, without risk, fraud or uncertainty!

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Do you want to put your skills and good UI and UX eye to good use? Here’s your chance!

At Swiftcourt we’re all about simplifying peer to peer business. We’re setting a global standard for how business between peers can be both safe and easy. And we’re looking to step up our game.

We already have an amazing product, we already have amazing users (actually we have 170 000+ of them), and we already have an amazing team. What we need now is a way to make our product even more intuitive and take our UI and UX to the next level. That is where YOU come in!


Your mission?

With the help of your very holistic perspective, your mission will be to create an easy and self-explanatory UI and UX based on our product.

Your goals?

At Swiftcourt, you will be working with a product that is relatively complex and with many different stakeholders. Your goal will be to boil all of this down and package it into a smooth & user-friendly journey.

Your team?

The Product Team is all about creating a product that gives true value to our end users, a.k.a, the peer-to-peer customer. The product team’s burning passion is to create a product that our users simply can’t be without while making their peer-to-peer transactions.


You are passionate about gathering and evaluating user requirements & identifying and troubleshooting UI and UX problems. You are furthermore passionate about connecting the gaps between the technical aspect of the product and how the user interacts with it.


About the job

The job will mean having full ownership of the UI and UX experience at Swiftcourt. Since our product is in some parts quite complex, the job will include translating that very complexity into simplicity for both our end-users and our employees – we do believe that this will be your biggest challenge and if you’re the right fit, that'll be a challenge you won’t be shy from rising up to!

The job will include developing UI mockups, prototypes, and wireframes, maybe even 2-3 examples of what the perfect solution could look like. You will also help us pinpoint what our over 170.000 users’ actual needs are (not their wants!) and make sure to deliver suggestions that’ll cater to them.

The job will also include receiving specific requirements from our Product Owner, Kristoffer, and your job will be to meet these requirements by using a work methodology that you see most fit. For example, do you need a testing group? Then go right ahead, we won’t hold you back!


About you

The job requires you to be self-sufficient and we believe you already have a work methodology that you believe in and can implement from day 1 with us at Swiftcourt.

We believe you have worked with UI and UX for at least 3 years and that you have a broad portfolio from your previous work. You have proven experience within the UI and UX field and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get going. You’re up to date with a design software of your choosing, may it be Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or Photoshop. You’re used to delivering on time, voicing your opinions and delivering a design that’s easy for all of our very different users to comprehend. Perhaps you’re also keeping track of UI and UX design trends and are keen on adopting them, or even better: you’re a trendsetter yourself!

A few of the many questions you’re probably asking yourself in your daily work are:

  • What are our users actually trying to do or accomplish? (Nevermind what we’re selling, how we make the UX out of this world is what truly matters in your role.)

  • What is the easiest way to give our users what they need? And how can we make them act and click buttons without thinking too much?

  • What are our user’s most common pain points?


Apply now!

We want to make everything simpler than it already is. Even our application process. You don't need to send us your CV or resumé.

Just send us an email and we'll see you for a coffee.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, Behance profile or similar, please send it over to us as well once you're at it. We might ask you for your CV and references and/or portfolio after our coffee.

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