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Customer Success Representative i Sweden

At Swifcourt, we enable people around the world to trade safely with each other anywhere and at any time, without risk, fraud or uncertainty!

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Are you our next Customer Success Representative?

At Swiftcourt we’re all about simplifying peer to peer business. We’re setting a global standard for how business between peers can be both safe and easy. And we’re looking to step up our game.

We already have an amazing product, we already have amazing users (actually we have 170 000+ of them), and we already have an amazing team. What we need now is a way to make our product even more intuitive and take our customer care to the next level. That is where YOU come in!

Your mission?

As the excellent customer relationship star you are, your mission will be to help our many different users, located in many different countries, on their Swiftcourt user journey from start to finish.

Your goals?

You’ll be working with users in various stages of their user journey and your goals will include everything from making sure they feel safe to identify opportunities that could result in upsell. You’ll easily reach these goals by just being you and by working proactively in regard to the user’s need!

And don’t worry, you’ll of course also have quantitative goals on your own journey to become the world’s best Customer Success Representative.

Your team?

The customer success team’s passion in life, or at least their passion here at Swiftcourt, is to provide our users with the tools they need to make it through their user journey. As we’re still in a startup phase, this means that we’re still trying on new things from week to week until we have a proven way of work. To fit in, it’ll be of the utmost importance to be the type of person who loves working in ever changing environments.

As an important part of the team, your opinions and suggestions for improvment will not only matter but be vital to the work we do!


People seem to keep telling you that you’re humble and love to help people, and they’re absolutely right!

We think that you’re a real people’s person and have probably worked within areas where you’ve been able to use these skills in your everyday work life.

You always have a set goal in mind with every customer you’re talking to and you consider every conversation as an opportunity to do some heavy representation on the products you’re selling as well as acting an awesome ambassador for your company. You do this, not because you love to sell stuff (you do that too), but because you believe that what you’re selling is actually something that your customer needs.


About the job

The job will include answering and following up all incoming queries from different users across all our different channels such as email and chat. The queries vary from legal ones to technical ones, meaning you’ll need to be a bit of a know-if-all, or at least set out to become one.

You’ll be expected to do upsells in a proactive way, which will require you to be a sales oriented customer care person.

As you’ll be the best skilled as well as the most equipped Swiftcourt member to do what you’re doing, it’s important that our users can depend on you to solve whatever problem they’re having without being handed over to somebody else. Our aim is always to provide them with a one-stop-shop solution to their issue, meaning that you need to love having full ownership of your job. At the same time, we expect you to be the type of person that dare to ask questions when you’re not sure about the answer.

Except for answering user queries, you’ll help us on our road to minimize the user’s need of your help, and find ways to move your efforts from center stage to behind the scenes. Your work assignments will, therefore, vary from week to week but could include assignments such as producing templates our creating blog posts. Be prepared to work in an agile environment and do some heavy lifting!


About you

We believe that your CV will tell us that you have a background within the customer care area and probably a little bit, if not much, within the tech or finance field as well. What you lack in those areas, you weigh up by being very curious about them. And to be honest, your attitude is far more important to us than your merits.

You’re a problem solver by nature and your first instinct when encountered with a problem is to try and find the solution yourself and not to tap your neighbor on the shoulder for a short-cut answer.

You also have excellent, and we do mean excellent, writing skills in mainly Swedish & English, but probably also in either German or Norweigan.

You probably:

  • Love to learn new things & you learn them extremely fast

  • Have some legal knowledge, perhaps even studied some law.

  • Have high technical aptitude

  • Are very structured as a person.

  • Have a very positive attitude at the same time as being patient and confident in what you do.

  • Are a self-starter and have no problem taking initiative.

  • Are comfortable working outside of regular office hours.

Other things that could be useful:

  • Knowledge of basic HTML (for example from blog-editing) is always a plus, but not a requirement

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