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Developer(s) for EU financed blockchain project i Sweden

Clever Compliance (being rebranded from CE Check) is a company which since 2016 has evolutionised the way companies work with product compliance. We have been steadily growing since 2016, increasing revenue more than 3x each year. We have been part of STING ("the best Accelator in the Nordics"), Silicon Valley accelator TINC, got to the finals in Venture Cup, abd have received many innovation grants for our company ideas.

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Before starting: yes, blockchain is over-hyped. This is a scenario where it actually makes sense.

TL;DR: Blockchain to ensure documentation is what it claims to be, when it claimed to be.

We are developing the new industry standard for product certification using blockchain, partnering with GS1 (creators of the barcode), Clas Ohlson, and TCO Development (creators of TCO Certified). Previously, consumers, companies, and governments, have simply needed to trust that a product is properly certified and has the correct documentation.

Flexible work hours, work from home if you want, English or Swedish speaking, - heck, what's not to like? We're looking for people with passion for blockchain, being able to help us land this project.

We are now ensuring that we create an industry standard for an immutable audit trail, making the market more secure for all parties. The parties involved have different interests; TCO Dev wants to help make this an industry-wide solution so that it can apply to more than just CE Check. Clas Ohlson are the face towards the consumer, where we hope that through scanning the barcode (hence, GS1), you could see the certification status of a product.

Until now, anyone purchasing products have simply needed to rely on the supplier's statement that their product is compliant, or audit all the documentation themselves. This approach also allowed companies to create documentation "on-demand", and backdate them. By adding everything to a blockchain, we can ensure that the file sent is also the file they claimed existed at that point in time.

Technology choice: Hyperledger Fabric.

Join us in developing the next-generation product safety and compliance!

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