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Hej, great that you are interested to join a growing startup. We at ihopa are on a mission to create a better and more sustainable alternative to buying products and storing them for the majority of their lifetime in a basement. To do so we are launching community sharing boxes with premium products, from gardening tools to sports equipment, and let people subscribe to access them. So for a small monthly fee you can book the best premium products whenever you need them. We are in a critical growth phase with a lot happening all around us. We have recently been accepted to the best accelerator in the Nordics, Sting, we are flooded with signups and we're raising an investment round. So we have our hands full and could really need your help! So if you are interested to be part of our journey and get some real life experience from a startup in action, you are right for this internship. What we can offer: * Action:You will learn a lot on this journey! * Responsibility:You will get your project that you run * Learnings:You can join the Sting program with us and also we will try to teach you what we know * Network:We know many people that run interesting companies * Office space in Stockholm city: but don't worry if you want to join remotely * Involvement:We will involve you in everything we do if you want to. Our interns always have the opportunity to choose how they help and what they want to learn. For this internship spot, we are looking for someone who is passionate about creating content. This can be written content, video, images, illustrations,... You will be part of building our brand identity and your work will be used for social media, marketing, PR, and on our website. You will be working closely with our marketing and communication executive and learn and grow together. What we require: We mainly will look that you are a good fit for the team and want to be involved. However, we want to give you some guidance in what we think you need to be the best candidate: * Some content creation experience: We are happy to give you space to grow. However, we sadly do not have the time to teach you the basics and a good eye for design or a good ear for texting is difficult to teach. Therefore, we would like you to come with some experience and passion. * Social media active- It would be great if you know whats going on on the socials * Can dedicate 5-10h / week- we also can take you full time if you need it for Uni If this sounds like you, please contact us. How to join? * Send us some words about why you want to join * Send us a few words about your strengths, experiences and education * If you need this internship for university, let us know * Please also let us know how much time you would like to commit * You can send us a CV but don't overspend time on it, Linkedin link works just the same If you have any questions, please contact us. If this sounds like anything your friends or colleagues could be interested in, please share. If this is not you but you like ihopa, reach out, maybe you can support our mission in another way. Happy to hear from you, Alex (alexander at ihopa com) For more information or questions please contact us

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Internship, Traineeship, Jobba hemifrån
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Grafik / Design
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Design | Internship | Traineeship | Jobba hemifrån | Universitet/Högskolestudier

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