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Love mathematics and feel alive when inspiring others to learn more? Keep reading if interested in finding out what kind of impact you could have for a potential of millions of students! About us Our mission is to inspire, coach and make math clear for university students. Elevri is the wiz who knows all the material in depth and can explain it so that anyone understands. Elevri is the coach that can set up a study plan and make sure it’s kept. Elevri is the inspirer that explains all the cool stuff that math is for. About me The reason I get out of bed each morning is to help others succeed. It has defined my entire career and is why I accepted the leadership path just 2.5 years in after graduation. After nine years of leading analysts, deciding product and developing business I turned the page and I hooked up with two tech superstars to challenge the university institutionalization of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). My name is Jonathan Fransson, and I'm holding the CEO-role for Elevri. About you Personal traits * You are curious about people, analysis, and technology. * You love writing and you feel great about inspiring others. * You appreciate challenges being multidimensional, whether we like them to be or not. * You are passionate about the subtle art of learning and would like to develop your pedagogical skills further. * You enjoy not getting all problems well defined so that you can leave your own mark to your solution and in addition accelerate your own personal growth. * You dare to ask for help when needed and you assume the responsibility of understanding what is expected from you. Experience and Education * You are native in English. * You hold a degree within, or are a current student of, engineering/math/physics. * You hold a solid understanding for linear algebra and calculus in one and multiple variables. * You have preferably some previous experience in teaching others math, but it's not a requirement. What you will do In one sentence- your math texts and explanations will help millions of students succeed. In several sentences - your contribution is to write text for all math topics where you break down the essentials in short, and to the point, so that anyone can understand. As Math Author you work in a team together with Mathematicians who make sure the math holds up and Math Artists who support you with the graphics. Together you complete the learning experience. Apply with CV, grades and a cover letter.

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