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Welcome to explore the world of Volvo Cars by writing your thesis with us! As a thesis worker in our organization you are supported by a supervisor who follows you during your project. All thesis projects are arranged in business critical areas and therefore you will be able to contribute to our company purpose – providing freedom to move in a safe, sustainable and personal way – from day one! 



Software and electronics are rapidly becoming a substantial component in cars today. It is seen as the main driver and source of technological innovations in the automotive industry in order to meet the customers’ increasing demands on new functions (e.g., Connectivity and Autonomous Drive). The design of the electrical and electronic (E/E) architecture (e.g., network topology and bandwidth adaptations) is central to their fulfillment. It must not only have the capability of accommodating the disposition and allocation of on-board vehicle functions but also off-board features such as connectivity using external IT infrastructure (e.g., cloud services). The current trend among the automakers is to move from E/E architectures with many Electrical Control Units (ECU) distributed over several networks to more central computing systems containing fewer and more powerful computers controlling the major capabilities of the car. In addition, automakers are moving towards more in-house software development using agile methods. 


An essential part of the configuration and customization of software-based features and systems within a vehicle is downloading of in-vehicle software in the vehicle manufacturing process - Software Download (SWDL) and diagnostics tests at End Of Line (EOL). The overall purpose of this thesis is to study the implications of the movement from distributed to centralized E/E architectures and toward Agile and substantial increase of in-house software development on SWDL and diagnostics tests in manufacturing.

●    Literature review for locating and studying relevant state-of-the-art/best practices for SWDL and diagnostic tests for future designs of E/E architectures and software development 
●    Data collection (e.g., interviewing experienced personnel and using information in documents and archival data) for describing and assessing the current situation at Volvo Cars
●    Identify challenges in the area assessed and provide an extensive analysis by viewing them against the contributing state of the art


Expected outcome of the study:
○    Description of identified challenges and recommendations/solutions for how to manage the challenges identified. 


Office, computer and software will be arranged by University and Volvo Cars. 


This thesis work needs to be conducted by two students. The time period is January/February to May 2021.


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Please note that due to GDPR, applications via email will not be accepted. Apply no later than December 9th, 2022.


For questions about the thesis work, please contact supervisor Joakim Pernstål at


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