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Impact Startup seeking Marketing, Communication, Media producer, Design people i Stockholm

ZALAB - projects for a better world. Learn more & See roles @ ZALAB FoodTech is impacting one of the most influential industries when it comes to the climate, health, economy etc.

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One of the projects is Welli. It has arrived with peace. Live long and prosper! It helps humans choose climate-, health- and animal-friendly food by automatically showing a branded label for what is plant-based, with the help of our program that scans the ingredients for you, leaving current incompetent tools and inconvenient shopping experience behind.

Another project in the series is Double V - Marketplace connecting grocery suppliers and food businesses, with sustainability in mind. V for Veganism, Double V for the climate, human health and animals. Making vegan food available everywhere, thus increasing the critical adoption. Amazon of B2B food industry. Leaving hard and outdated workflows behind. 

The first customers are online grocery stores such as Mathem, ICA, etc. The next step is to approach them in a good way, conducting interviews, creating a good presentation, videos, design, event(s) creation. collabs/partnerships with other relevant organizations and people etc. That in order to organize and mobilize major food businesses and the consumers to collectively take action in tackling climate change with the help of our services.

This is currently unpaid engagement but we will eventually reach out to customers and for that, you are needed. Join us from the start in building tomorrow's impact company. We strive towards co-operative values and want to build up the collective that together would make a greater impact.

We need help with marketing, sales and communication, brand creation/design, content etc.

Welli is a brand meant to be recognizable for the climate- health- and animal-friendly plant-based food. The aim is to create a strong brand, à la Oatly. We will have a strong brand presence accelerating the adoption of climate-friendly diets for the majority. We will make our brand mainstream, interesting and creative to get the majority interested in it. Our logo “live long and prosper!” inspired by star trek gives you an insight of a fresh, interesting, positive and friendly approach that will onboard many new people. We will put in the marketing effort into growing the brand in a modern appealing way. Welli's brand will increase the recognition factor for sustainable foods and brand recognition is important because it increases awareness and helps people make climate-friendly decisions.

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